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Law and Public Safety

The LPS career pathway focuses on the history of law and legal systems in the United States. It is a two-year high school program designed to include classroom and hands-on experiences to prepare students for employment or continuing education in the law enforcement field. Over the course of study, students will gain knowledge of local, state, and federal law enforcement functions from a historical and organizational point of view. Emphasis is also placed on the U.S. legal system and constitutional and criminal law. Students will also gain an understanding of the ethical and legal responsibilities of law enforcement officers and their roles. Instructional strategies and activities implemented through the course of study align to the BLEOST and the National EMS Educational Standards.


Additionally, students will learn the importance of personal health and safety in the work environments associated with LPS. Students will be introduced to the emergency services found in local communities, learn the specialized areas and topics within LPS, and examine the daily tasks and responsibilities of the professionals in the field. The program will offer students the opportunity to examine all areas of the military and the professions associated with each branch, learn about emergency management and workplace skills, and have meaningful, relevant job-shadowing experiences with professionals.


(Law and Public Safety Curriculum)

Law and Public Safety Instructor:
Mr. Scott Conway